Turnkey cars selection service in Moldova!
carvertical VIN
carvertical VIN
CarSelect in numbers
We will select a car for you according to your preferences and budget in 7 days, with a benefit of up to 15% of the cost!
20-45 hours
We will select a car for you according to your preferences and budget in 7 days, with a benefit of up to 15% of the cost!
1900 Euro
It is the largest amount traded (30% of the cost) by CarSelect specialists
15 years of experience in technical service will make it safe to buy your car
Purchasing the car with us is extremely simple and safe
We will accompany you at all stages of car purchase: from the idea of purchase - to the result
First day: Contacting us, consulting and concluding the contract
It takes from 2 to 30 days to find a car with photo and video reports for you.
The final stage: together we goo to see the chosen car, the control check and the purchase
Checking the history of Renault and Dacia cars.
Checking the history can primarily reveal the car's actual mileage and the frequency of its maintenance.
Price: 199 MDL
We check the car at 121 key parameters
Real miles
Often, to increase the price of the car, the mileage is rolled (given back)
Involvement in the accident and the condition of the car body
Driving a broken car is not safe
Computerized diagnostics
It allows the identification of hidden defects and a detailed understanding of the service history of the vehicle
Engine and gearbox
The most important and expensive car units
Suspension condition
The comfort and safety of traffic depend on the condition of the suspension
Test drive
It allows the identification of critical problems of the car
carvertical VIN
carvertical VIN
The cost of services
Our auto expert will consult you on all the nuances related to purchasing a car, its operation, and the subsequent necessary maintenance.
  • One-time diagnostic of the car of your choice;
  • A full .pdf report on the diagnostic results;
  • Photographs of the car's current condition at the time of inspection;
  • A video report from the car inspection (10-15 min) +€10. The inspection price depends on the car's cost:
  • for cars up to €20,000 - €50;
  • for cars from €20,000 to €50,000 - €70;
  • for cars over €50,000 - €100.
from €50
1 inspection
  • A package of 5 on-site diagnostics of your choice within one business day;
  • Full .pdf reports on the diagnostic results (5 copies);
  • Photographs of the car's current condition at the time of each inspection (5 sets);
  • Video reports from the car inspections (5 copies, 10-15 min each) +€25. Pricing: Cars up to €20,000 - €200; cars from €20,000 to €50,000 - €300; cars over €50,000 - €400.
from €200
51 inspection
  • Selection of a car based on your specifications;
  • Consultations on choosing the optimal car;
  • Cost forecast for the maintenance of the selected car;
  • Support at all stages of the purchase from the initial idea to the documentation;
  • Full .pdf report on the diagnostic results (5 copies);
  • Photographs of the car's current condition at the time of inspection (10 sets);
  • Video reports from the car inspections (10 copies, 10-15 min each) - FREE.
from €500+
10 inspection
The reviews of our customers
Cristina Terzi
An expert truly skilled in his field. I reached out based on a friend's recommendation and didn't regret it one bit. Timely, efficient, thorough, with loads of nuances and explanations! It's great that there are such people and services. I am immensely grateful. Even after purchasing the car, he helped with a question that came up later (kind of like technical support). Overall, I'm very satisfied and highly recommend him.
Kirill Naumov
Maxim is exactly the kind of specialist who won't rest until he finds the perfect car that meets both your desires and his strict requirements. Working with him is very comfortable because he takes on a multitude of time-consuming and stressful issues. The biggest advantage, however, is that he won't let you buy a pig in a poke.

In my case, nothing viable was available on the market, and Maxim helped to import a car and personally oversaw the entire process from delivery to the completion of repairs. As a result, I ended up with a great car, avoiding premature gray hair and future regrets. Thanks again.

Andrei Galchin
Helped us choose a great car. We've been driving it for six months now, completely satisfied, no hidden defects. Highly recommend.
Artur Bordenyuk
At some point, every man realizes he needs his own car. In 2022, it was my turn. I knew nothing about cars. My wife and I flipped through ads for a while, but I didn't get any wiser, so I turned to Maxim for help and his turnkey search service.

Maxim gathered requirements—where I'd drive, why, who I'd carry, how often, future plans for the car, and a million other questions I wouldn't have thought of. It turns out not everywhere can accommodate someone two meters tall.

Then the search and the initial inspections began. I might have wanted to throw in a link from an ad myself, but Maxim was always one step ahead, telling me about options before I even saw them.

After extensive searching, inspections, and trips, we found a car that met all criteria. Maxim approved all the technical aspects. My wife approved the body color. I approved the stitching color in the interior. With Maxim's help, we negotiated, signed with the seller, and handled all the paperwork.

Maxim is available round the clock: before signing the contract with him, during its fulfillment, and after. I don't know how he has the patience to answer my rookie questions. Seriously, he even responds while on vacation. Who does that, responds to work calls on vacation? Like, "I'll just climb this mountain and then I'll reply."

So, at some point, every man sits in the driver's seat of his own car. I've already sat in mine.

Anjelika Andronik
Many thanks to Maxim for helping me purchase a car. His professional skills amazed me. I was thrilled!

He also provided many great tips and contacts for car maintenance specialists. Highly recommend!!!
Yuri Popovkin
Good evening, I turned to CarSelect just over a month ago for the car-on-demand service. At our meeting, Maxim consulted me regarding my choice, we discussed all the nuances, and he took on the task of finding my car. I am satisfied with the work of CarSelect and recommend it to everyone as it saves time and money. In the end, the expenses for selecting the car paid off! I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a car!!!
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Video about the inspection made by the CarSelect team of the 2x BMW E92 car for a customer from the south of Moldova. The last car was purchased with a 10% discount due to the work of CarSelect.md.
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